Introducing the Digitalization Coach Program

Through the interactive bootstrap structure, the digitalization coach program will give the required insights, motivations and the roadmap for the smartization and digitalization of your business.
The program uses a combination of the video sessions with the daily practices to boost the functioning of your organization after the dedication of 15 minutes per day for 6 weeks.

The 1-hour video sessions

In this highly engaging video sessions, you and Nave will have boost the mutual understanding of your selves. Nave will come to know better your organization and the requirements for the enhancement of the internal performance of your business and you will become more familiar with the tools and practices. You will deep your personalized understanding of the best practice from the internal environment of the successful businesses in your field for tapping up the revenue generation in the market.
Each day a different view to the common practice of highly digitalized businesses will be introduced to you and a personalized image of the development of your company through the smartization trajectory will be explained that will draw a new pathway toward the organizational development.

Daily personalized tracking

Every day an exercise of brain flourishing will be provided to make you prepared for the pathway formation of the next session. All the sessions are organized such that they lead to the establishment of the new ideas and the pathway for the implementation of the appropriate practices in your organization toward the internal and external growth of your business.

Besides the exercise, the complementary videos and supplements will be introduced, alongside the personalized daily coaching to encourage and motivate you for the ongoing progress.

Nave will remain close to you to answer the questions and provide the online coaching.

The majority of past participants have reported the importance of the close relationship and on-time answers of Nave in keeping their enthusiasm for achieving their personalized goals from the engagement in the programs after receiving the online coaches.

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