Explore all the Impacts of Digitalization of Business

The basic modification in the structure of the businesses for leading the digital transformation is the reinforcement of the online sale and data-based customer relationship management.

However, with the recent emergence of the remote work practice, the internal management skills of the executives, for the employee’s work scheduling and management, motivation of the employees, management of the virtual meeting with the partners, the business to business skills for the remote interactions, online negotiation skills, etc. also all important.


Therefore, the digitalization of the businesses demand for a collection of new managerial skills for the online interaction to create value in the market, make a proper value delivery to the customer and generate the revenue.

All the required skills that the executives should embedded in the activities toward the servitizaiton of the business are presented and discussed in the book. The book tries to present the matters in the self-learning style and we have used the real examples of the previous solutions presented to the clients to make the materials useful and understandable. Therefore, all the strategies and recommendations can be followed by the reader and implemented in the real work environment.

Boost your Performance Through the Digitalization of your Business

You can dramatically improve your performance and the performance of the employees in your organization, regarding the higher online sale, higher accuracy in the work processes, higher speed in work procedure, lower error margin, higher flexibility and synchronization between the employees working from their home office, after coming to know what new roles you need to establish, which processes you need to add into your organization, which jobs descriptions should be modified, and how the structures should be transformed in accordance to the new scheme of the digital economy and service based logic of value delivery in the period of COVID 19 and the post crisis period.