Smartization of Production

In the smartization process, initially you need to learn your business needs the boost in the which functioning.

Then, you need to think over the procedure of boosting the use of technology in your business. In this step, you should choose the appropriate instruments for the smartization of your business.

You should check out whether you would need high level of smartization (e.g. Industry 4 related services) or the moderate level?

Three Levels of Smartization


The smartization of the businesses can be carried out in three different levels.

  1. The smartization can higher the product sale volume and facilitate the usage by the consumer as the smoother of the value delivery. Hence, the smart services can be outsourced by the manufacturing companies and be carried out by the partners. The examples of such digitalization services include the boost of robot-based sale of the company, internet-based delivery of the firm, the expansion of the relationship management and social networks of the business.
  2. The second level of smartization usually are offered by the manufacturer as the consumer support services. The smartization of the business can bring the expansion of the production functioning, the enhancement of the connectivity of the product after sale to the manufacturer for better maintenance of the product or new utilization schemes.
  3. The third level of smartization is the substitution of the digital services instead of the product purchase, such that the end-use will pay basically for the value in use of the product instead of value in exchange.